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    Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease marked by high level of blood glucose. There are few types of diabetes:

    Type 1 : An autoimmune disorder where the body immune system attacks own insulin production cell, β or beta cell. It was formerly known as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus where the body needs insulin injection to metabolise the glucose. This form of diabetes usually occurs in children or adolescence.

    Type 2 : Previously known as non insulin-independent diabetes mellitus. The body is unable to use own insulin properly or the body produces insufficient insulin to take up glucose as the energy supply. In some cases, it can be controlled by practicing healthy lifestyle and exercise, without any medication.

    Gestational diabetes : It occurs in some women during pregnancy. After pregnancy, these women have higher risk in developing type 2 diabetes in the future.

    Diabetes mellitus can lead to other chronic complications such as cardiovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, amputation, retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy. Virtually, the demand for healthcare facilities and hospitalization increases accordingly.

    Sau Seng Lum Diabetes Clinic provides comprehensive preventive measures and proper management to diabetes. At this one-stop centre, we will give you a better understanding of diabetes and how you can improve your health and ultimately, the quality of life. At SSL, we believe that prevention is always better than cure.

    • To provide the most effective treatment that enables patient to rebuild their confidence.
    • To provide a better understanding of diabetes, improve patient’s health and quality of life.
    • To assist patient in managing their own condition for a healthier life through education.

    • To provide quality and affordable diabetes services to the public irrespective of race and religion.
    • To prevent kidney disorder caused by diabetes mellitus and diabetes complications.
    • To share with patients and the public the knowledge and skills in preventing diabetes.

    Sau Seng Lum Diabetes Clinic offers an array of diabetes related services such as:

    • Diabetology
      Medical consultant will diagnose and treat diabetes accordingly.

    • Cardiovascular Assessment
      Diagnose cardiovascular system disorder using high technology electrocardiograph.

    • Eye Screening
      Basic eye screening and retina photography are carried out by our well-trained nurses.

    • Wound Care
      Nurses are trained to perform basic wound cleaning and dressing. Self monitoring practices and proper foot care management will be shared with patients.

    • Foot Screening
      Doppler, sensory test devices, monochromatic near infrared energy device are used to diagnose and treat diabetic feet.

    • Laboratory Test
      Blood and urine test are carried out using advance screening devices.

    • Diabetes Education
      Diabetes Educator provides knowledge and skills to better manage diabetes.

    • Counselling
      Counsellor will help patients and their family to identify problems and nurse them back to health.

    • Dietary Counselling
      Dietitian offers an individualized meal plan and up-to-date information on nutrition.

    • One-stop diabetes shop
      Self-monitoring devices, dressing materials, diabetic food and drinks as well as diabetes education materials are made available at our one-stop diabetes shop.

    Diabetes support group is committed to change the lives of people with diabetes. It provides the ground to talk about how to live well with diabetes, ask questions, exchange idea and information about what is working for you, share experiences with other people suffering from diabetes. We offer the platform to increase your awareness about diabetes and help you achieve a better health.

    The programme for support group involves doctors, diabetes educator, dietitian and nurses as the facilitators. Together, we bring you these experiences of fun and learning:

    Diabetes Conversation Map, Diabetes walk, community education, Diabetes campaign , group exercise, weight loss programme, healthy cooking demonstration, supermarket tour, One Day Tour, yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, dancing and etc….

    The clinic accepts walk-in and also referrals by medical doctors.

    Monday to Friday
    Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday
    9:00a.m – 5:00p.m
    9:00a.m – 1:00p.m

    Please contact us at +603-5882 9115, 5882 9181 to schedule an appointment or for more information.

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